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Suzanne Noble

Starting one’s own business requires confidence and resilience, and we should know. Both Mark and I have transitioned our careers numerous times and not always successfully!

As a PR Director of a mid-size agency, I worked with famous names like Dionne Warwick, The Who and Led Zeppelin. In 2014, I transitioned into technology, winning awards and column inches for an app called Frugl. Nowadays, I juggle running Startup School alongside my business nestful, helping older homeowners to find compatible home-mates.

Mark Elliott

Mark has over 30 years in various industries, startups, scale-ups, agencies, and manufacturing.

He has experienced successes and failures and is now, as a business coach, driven to help people over 50 avoid the same mistakes he made and help them achieve work or a business filled with an expression of who they are and what they want to offer the world.

Mark & Suzanne

Most importantly, we have designed, facilitated and participated in many startup programmes and seen how these often fail participants, especially those in the intersections of age, gender, colour, ability and wealth/class.

So, whether your goal is to turn a hobby into a moneymaking project, whether it’s about having a burning passion, whether it’s just about putting food on the table doesn’t matter.

Whatever the reason inspired you to join Startup School, we’re going to take you, a unique individual with a personal vision, through the same steps that have helped others reach their goal. Because while entrepreneurial paths lead in different directions, the first steps toward success are always the same.

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