Here is a short overview of some of the subjects we cover to get your business off the ground. There is a weekly community Zoom meeting for all students to support each other and ask questions.

Week 1

You’re never too old to start in business

Forget seeing age as a hindrance; it’s a huge asset. We’ll go over the structure of the course. Then we’ll focus on you and what brought you here. There will be some (easy) homework to reinforce what we’ve discussed each week.

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Week 2

Customers and your Business Ideas

We will find out who in the world needs your business. What problem does it overcome? We’ll suggest who your customers are and how to find them. You’ll try out your ideas.

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Week 3

Business Planning
and the Competition

We’ll discuss what you do and what the competition does. Devise a one-page business plan. We’ll find out how your customer manages without you. You’ll plan your first offer for your first customer.

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Week 4

Marketing and Branding

What’s your USP? You’ll be shown how to be different and get in front of your customers. We’ll unlock the secrets of social media. You will be able to explain your uniqueness in one sentence.

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Week 5

Money Matters

We discuss how money works in your business. How you fund it, the different business models, how much you pay yourself and getting help. You will learn to create a simple financial model.

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Week 6

Legal Stuff

We’ll discuss some of the things business owners worry about, sometimes unnecessarily. Different legal entities, protecting your intellectual property, trademarks and copyright, buying a website, public liability, and health and safety – all will become clear.

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Week 7

All Change, Pivoting

It’s become the byword during the pandemic, but you will learn how and when it’s wise to pivot your business. You need more customers, but where can you get them? Scaling the business – is it what you want? Time for reflection and celebrating change.

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Week 8

It’s all about money and a celebration

Where did all the time go? A celebration of senior businesses. Brief recap on what we’ve learned. Support mechanisms. Keeping in touch and building the community. Goodbye but only for now. Library of Good Things – handy tips to keep you focused.

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